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Industrial real estate is on the rise. This year is set to be a record-breaking year for the industry and it is poised to keep growing as the years continue. Industrial real estate spaces are not numerous enough to keep up with the demand of growing businesses.  NAI Isaac, serving Lexington and the surrounding areas, wants you to know why industrial real estate is booming and help you understand why now is the time to buy.


With the buzz of national infrastructure revival on the rise, and spending on infrastructure on the rise as well, the industrial real estate industry will follow suit. Increased infrastructure spending in the government will have a positive effect on industrial real estate because as improvements are planned and built, warehouses and storage facilities will be in high demand.


Because online retailers and distributors are surpassing all other physical store-based companies, these businesses are growing and expanding their supply chains to keep customers happy and streamline their service.  Seeing as online retailers store their products in warehouses, with their expansion and growth, the industrial real estate business has exploded. These companies are still growing and developing, and as they expand they require even more of these industrial spaces.

The Government Factor

As mentioned above, the government leaders in place are having an influence on industrial real estate growth. Because of new trade policies and executive orders imposed by the President, many businesses are buying up and renting industrial real estate buildings because of the anticipation of the demand for exports. Supply-chain networks are being reevaluated and rerouted and this will only lead to an even greater increase in the industrial real estate field when these plans and deals are finalized.

At NAI Isaac we specialize in the leasing and buying of commercial and industrial properties. We have a long history of customer satisfaction, and a wide range of real estate experience. Specializing in leasing and subleasing, investment sales, site selection, property management, and numerous other areas of expertise, the team mat NAI Isaac can assure your satisfaction. We provide a mix of expertise and services that will meet your needs and guarantee a return. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of quality service available. If you are interested in investing in the industrial real estate field, contact NAI Isaac today.

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