Just an Idea

The idea of the DNA of #CRE survey began as a collaboration between Buildout and theBrokerList teams. We all wanted to know more about the people who make up the commercial real estate brokerage industry because it has been such a hard to understand facet of real estate. Generally people think of real estate and lump us all together as if we all did the same thing: sell houses! We do not. Commercial real estate in itself is so diverse and complex.

A Complex Industry

The reasons for the complexity are obvious, but are worth mentioning for those who may not realize what comprises our industry. First of all there is brokerage, leasing, management, consulting, buyer side, landlord side, seller side, industrial, office, retail, to name a few of the segments. Now couple those segments and focus areas with geography and organization affiliation and you really have a big soup of of us swimming around in the same, yet different pot! There are even those today who focus only on cannabis and start-ups! The world is changing and we are changing too.

Much Thanks

So the DNA of #CRE was born to start to unravel what we do each year and begin a tradition of a benchmark for the industry. Although this is only our second year, we hope to grow and incorporate more and more professionals who want to contribute the insight that this survey provides. Thanks to all who helped make this possible, including so many on Twitter and Facebook and Linkedin who jumped in and helped us spread the word. We do not want to miss anyone, but those who really stepped up include:

CRE // Tech (Pierce and Holly)
Crew Network
NAR Commercial
SVN Corporate
Adrienne Bryant, Bryant Commercial
Kristina Konen, CBRE
and so many more that gave us a retweet or took the survey!

Thank you from Buildout and theBrokerList teams for this amazing support and enthusiasm. Please be sure to see what an amazing job the Buildout graphic/content team did with the interactive DNA of #CRE Infographic and if you want to blog about the survey and give your feedback on the findings, please feel free to use our DNA of #CRE graphics and link back to the survey here.

DNA of #CRE 2016 Results

DNA of #CRE 2016 Results

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