When it comes to real estate, information is king.  It’s about knowing where to look and who to talk to to get the most, and best, intel.

So you can do more deals faster.

So you can finish those appraisal reports efficiently.

So your trend analysis is on-point.

Also, let’s face it: the internet is a huge, bubbling mess — much of it useful, most of it not.  Even with a tool this powerful at your fingertips, it can be difficult to fish out good sources of CRE market data.  And, it takes time to figure out what you want and what you like.

You already follow the news, but what about blogs? Social media?


Well, have no fear.  We’re here to help.

Listed below, in no particular order, are some of our favorite CRE internet crackerjacks, each with his or her own brand of industry tips, news, and flat-out funny stuff.

1. Duke Long

Who: Broker/owner in Indianapolis, IN
Where you can find him: Blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+
What you’ll read about: Everything CRE, social media, content creation
Tidbit: Admits to having a bit of an attitude. We kind of like that.

2. Allen Buchanan

Who: Principal at Lee & Associates in Orange County, CA

Where you can find him: Blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube
What you’ll read about: CRE in CA, tips, social media
Tidbit: I’ve literally never seen someone with more recommendations on LinkedIn. This guy is well-known, people.

3. Ben Osgood

Who: Tenant Rep at Dunhill Partners West in San Francisco, CA
Where you can find him: Blog, LinkedIn, Twitter
What you’ll read about: Blogs about CRE Tech, being green, innovation, sustainability
Tidbit: He posts some pretty funny videos and pictures on his Twitter.  Along with one or two of his awesome CompStak swag.

4. Coy Davidson

Who: SVP Office and Healthcare Services at Colliers in Houston, TX
Where you can find him: Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog, Facebook
What you’ll read about: Corporate real estate strategy, tenant representation, and tech/new media
Tidbit: Highly active on Twitter, always new content to check out.

5. Joe Stampone

Who: Runs entrepreneurial RE firm, Atlas Real Estate Partners in NYC
Where you can find him: Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Google+
What you’ll read about: In his own words, “I’ve structured this site to be the unofficial guide to starting and growing a career in real estate.”
Tidbit: Into sports and travel, but is REALLY into real estate. What an innovative way to structure a blog.

6. Linda Day Harrison

Who: Founder of, ManagerLabs, and is a BOMI International Instructor.
Where you can find her: Blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+
What you’ll read about: Vocal about technology and innovation, and posts a lot of content from other influencers as well.
Tidbit: Linda goes above and beyond to make sure people like us feel supported, heard, and connected. She’s always helping others, and that’s a good person to know.

7. Mike Cobb

Who: SVP of office, industrial, and R&D for Colliers International in SF Bay area
Where you can find him: LinkedIn, Twitter, Blog, Facebook, Google+
What you’ll read about: Market reports and trends as well as interesting stories from other publications
Tidbit: Serves as Director on the boards of many non-profit organizations geared toward education and the arts… which is awesome.

8. Michael Gold

Who: VP of Research at DTZ Global in Los Angeles, CA
Where you can find him: Twitter, Linkedin, Medium
What you’ll read about: Interests, according to his Twitter profile, include, “#economy #tech #workplace & #sustainability.”
Tidbit: He hasn’t posted anything to his Medium account in a while; but when he does, it’s worth reading.

9. Howard Kline

Who: Host of weekly web show Commercial Real Estate Radio, Orange County, CA
Where you can find him: Website at, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and listen to shows on iTunes
What you’ll read about: You can read his mission statement here.
Tidbit: Not only is Howard prolific, tweeting every day in addition to creating a new show each week, but he’s also very obviously one of the most respected gentlemen in the industry.

10. Barbi Reuter

Who: Principal/Marketer/Blogger for Cushman & Wakefield PICOR, Tucson, AZ
Where you can find her: Twitter, PICOR Connect blog, LinkedIn
What you’ll read about: “Trends in Commercial Real Estate”
Tidbit: Definitely the best thing on her Twitter profile: “[a] witty worldly well-read wannabe.”

11. Chris Clark

Who: Information technology consultant from Syracuse, NY
Where you can find her: Blog, TwitterLinkedIn
What you’ll read about: She covers CRE tech topics and contributes to other sites listed here on his blog
Tidbit: Her blog includes a very helpful and comprehensive list of CRE sites to check out (though, it doesn’t yet include CompStak, we can forgive her).

12. Matthew Rotolante

Who: Managing Director of Sperry Van Ness, Miami, FL
Where you can find him: Blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook
What you’ll read about: CRE acquisitions, leasing, finance — mostly of Southern Florida
Tidbit: Rotolante is a 4th generation Miamian, so we’re sure he has his finger on the pulse of South Florida.

13. Nav Athwal

Who:Co-Founder and CEO of Realty Shares in San Francisco Bay
Where you can find him: Blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
What you’ll read about: Spans many CRE-related issues, including but not limited to: finance, funding, technology, legal, etc.
Tidbit: The blog is a nice mish-mash of original content and guest posts from fellow CRE professionals, many of which are very interesting reads. Also, we love crowdfunding. Great idea, great site, guys.

14. David Lotterer

Who: VP at JLL in Cincinnati specializing in Office, Industrial, and Supply-chain
Where you can find him: Twitter, blog on
What you’ll read about: Exactly what the title says, “CRE & more”
Tidbit: Creates a daily extracting interesting CRE information and news from the internet and puts it into an easily-digestible format. This is a welcome subscription in my inbox every morning.

There you have it.  We know there’s a lot more CRE professionals out there who are active on the internet. If we left anyone out, let us know in the comments.

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Amber Watrous works to develop innovative ways to engage and grow the CompStak network of users. As the point person for our markets on the West Coast, she aims to keep our members happy and relay their feedback to the team. Among her favorite things are: music, brunch, travel, Mad Men, charcuterie, and yoga. And, wine. She really loves wine.

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