HerbFront Map

138 Cannabis-Friendly Cities in the U.S. … And Counting

HerbFront, the first real estate software for the legal cannabis industry, has mapped out 138 cities with 69,420 zoning compliant properties.

Cities with over 1,000 zoning-approved properties available include Chicago (IL), Portland (OR), San Francisco (CA), Denver (CO), Seattle (WA), and Phoenix (AZ). HerbFront’s interactive maps show real estate options in your city or county.

With more local governments voting to approve medical and recreational legal cannabis weekly, options for property locations are rapidly expanding.

Recently, the state of Florida and the Cherokee Tribal Council in North Carolina took steps toward legal cannabis.

HerbFront’s team of experts stay on top of legal cannabis developments by mapping new qualifying real estate as it becomes available.

HerbFront includes maps for Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada and New York.

To keep up with your state’s zoning regulations, sign up with HerbFront today.

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