ID-100216736Just like that gym membership that you signed up for but you have not been in months; theBrokerList is a tool and a membership site that is only useful if you are using the site properly. Follow along and with these exercises you will strengthen your online presence and boost your traffic to your page to make more deals!

Step 1: Setup your profile correctly
One of the biggest problems with new members is that they do not showcase their unique strengths on their profile. Be sure to really describe what you are focused on and why someone should hire you. Fill in all of the blanks and do not look lame with empty fields. We are in the marketing business and blanks fields are not a good reflection on your online marketing skills. By setting up your profile completely, you will find your page will have more traffic and you will create more connections and get more referrals!

Step 2: Update your Haves, Wants and Transactions often
TheBrokerList was created out of the need to have one centralized location that you can update your Haves, Wants and Transactions, then you can share this with your other sources via RSS feeds. If you are not updating your Haves, Wants and Transactions, then no one will be updated with your business needs. People are looking to network with you, so step out and post up your latest data to your profile.

Step 3: Add your tBL Profile to your signature in emails
CRE Professionals are making connections and looking for deals on theBrokerList daily. And theBrokerList was created for you to network with only verified CRE professionals, so be sure to add your profile in your email signature for other CRE Professionals to connect with your profile. The more connections you make, the more likely the next big deal will find you.

Step 4: Connect your Blog or Website to tBL
Google Search is a complicated algorithm that scans the internet to find websites connected. These similar websites are then organized in the Google Search Engine according to how these sites are linked together. By linking your website to tBL and then completing your profile to link back to your website, you will effectively create a circle that will boost your Search Rankings. Use tBL for your Search Engine Optimization!

Step 5: Invite your colleagues to tBL
Bring in your entire network of CRE professionals to connect with on tBL. By doing this, you will find more deals will get done through tBL which is a win / win for all. Connect with your existing network and grow to find new members through tBL. The platform was built for your business, use it and let’s make some deals online.

Step 6: Create a Business Network on tBL
TheBrokerList is not only for your personal profiles, but also has features for you to create a business page too. Again, the more links that you can create to your company site, the better your search rankings will be. Setup your business profile and be sure to link in other employees to the new business account. If other staff members do not have profiles yet, refer them to sign up. The bigger your network, the more deals that will come to your door.

Step 7: Follow the Blog
Not everyone of us is a great writer, however, there are awesome writers posting to daily! Follow the blog and repost all the articles that you find helpful to Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. The more activity that you have on your social network, in the CRE niche market, the more followers you will get. No post = no followers! Keep your readers up to date with CRE posts through tBL and watch your followers grow!

Step 8: Search Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin for tBL members too
Just as you are becoming socially active through tBL, you should be looking for other people who are active to connect with. Going back in time, it was awful going to networking event after networking event, putting on the “Hello my name is” tag and talking to people. Today we have awesome tools like tBL, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter, use these search tools to seek out tBL members and connect with them. Try searching hashtags like #cre + #haves #cre + #wants, #cre + #transactions!

Step 9: Use tBL RSS Feeds
If you do not know what this is, please let us know and we can help connect feeds onto your website. This will allow your site to connect deeper with tBL and you will find more deals are connected through the web of sites, which your site can deeply integrate with, use it!

Step 10: Use, IT IS FREE!
Sometimes with FREE programs and platforms you get what you pay for! If the platform is free, then it is usually pretty cheap. That is not the case with tBL! This platform was created by CRE professionals, for CRE professionals and is supported through advertisers in our Marketplace. Those Marketplace Partners support the site 100% so CRE professionals can benefit. And our development team is serious about making improvements based on member feedback. New upgrades are coming out all the time, and this platform is just getting better and better. Not to mention, it is 100% free for CRE Professionals to network.

Fact is, the more people who use this site, the better the platform will be. So you need to make a decision for your businesses that in 2014 you will use more to help network and find new deals.

Let theBrokerList help grow your online presence for the health of your business, and then maybe think about hitting the gym too.

Photo Credit: “Crossfit Training Lifting Kettlebell Front” by vectorolie
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