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Recently I recounted two success stories. Truly a twist of fate that my clients had not expected or planned. Or did they?

Both my clients were born in other countries and later became U.S. citizens. We will call them Samuel and Luis. Samuel had limited education, experience and resources. Luis had some college, but that was it. Neither knew much English.

I got to know them both because they wanted more in life. They experienced a rough life early on, but knew their future could be better. They called me because they wanted to buy real estate.

They knew that in order to grow, be successful and financially stable they had to take a chance. They saw the potential investment real estate had to offer.

Their dreams were small and so was their focus. Samuel was looking at purchasing a rental house and Luis, a small commercial building for his business. As I worked with them I was able to cultivate their dreams into a passion that now has grown them a small empire.

Samuel had a job and Luis his own business, both were working hard making their American dream a reality. Several years later after I helped them each purchase their first property, Samuel started his own business while Luis continued to grow his.

Through saving their hard-earned cash, making well-timed purchases and refinancing Samuel was able to eventually purchase the multi-tenant building his employer leased where he worked his first job. Luis ended up purchasing the multi-tenant building where his business was located.

Just recently Samuel opened his second successful business and continues to operate his fully-leased investment property. Luis as of today owns three neighborhood shopping centers, an office building and is developing commercial property throughout the U.S.

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How did they come by their success? What were the characteristics of Samuel and Luis that brought them from having next to nothing to financial stability? I’ve identified ten unspoken beliefs. They:

  • 1. Overcame the fact that this is a process and there is no “get rich scheme” it takes hard work, timing and trusted advisers.
  • 2. Overcame fear by identifying…expecting…objectifying, understanding why they exist then reframing into something productive.
  • 3. Overcame pride.
  • 4. Overcame negative self-talk and stopped thinking they were: “not good enough; didn’t have what it takes, was too difficult, not smart enough.”
  • 5. Overcame stereotypes. Whether you are young, old, man, woman, inexperienced or from another country don’t give in.
  • 6. Overcame their comfort zone. Most growth happens outside of your comfort zone.
  • 7. Overcame complacency. Do everything with a purpose and set goals. You don’t have to settle.
  • 8. Overcame limiting beliefs about themselves, about others and about the world.
  • 9. Overcame hesitation as it is the death of initiative.
  • 10. Overcome control and had a trusted and knowledgeable adviser on their team.

I am honored to be a part of the lives of these two men and their success story. After 22 years of advising clients I look forward to being a part of yours too.

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