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Staying on top of CRE trends and best practices means being connected. Things move quickly and online sources can help keep you in the loop, but time is limited. Luckily there are experts out there whose business it is to curate the content that’s significant and timely for you.

Follow some of these excellent sources to stay informed and connected with the vital core of CRE. Appoint these industry experts as your personal information gatherers and rest assured that you’re getting the news and analysis that counts.

Coy Davidson

Davidson is a Senior VP at Colliers, based in Houston. In addition to news about technology developments, he writes about tenant representation and corporate real estate strategy under the name of The Tenant Advisor. Recent blog topics include managing transactions in the cloud, using market research, and what’s disrupting CRE (or not). Follow him on Twitter: @CoyDavidsonCRE

Duke Long

Indianapolis broker and social media expert Long writes extensively on content marketing and trends in technology. His style is entertaining and outspoken. He’s recently posted information on CRE crowdfunding, smart building technology, and a whole pile of industry conferences and events.  

Linda Day Harrison

Based in Chicago, Harrison is the founder of She writes about innovation and technology in commercial real estate and shares content from other influencers as well. She specializes in bringing people together and utilizing technology to make that happen.

Bill McBride

If you’re looking for information on the financial and economic side of the industry, make it a habit to read Calculated Risk, McBride’s no-nonsense blog that’s absolutely packed with useful statistics and insights. Follow McBride on Twitter: @calculatedrisk.

Chris Clark

This IT consultant from Syracuse specializes in technology, with an eye for CRE. She tweets as CRE Outsider, and that can be a good thing. Look to her for information on the tech side of things and a sneak peek at things to come. Her twitter feed is content-heavy: @CREOutsider.

Ben Osgood

A tenant rep at Dunhill in San Francisco, Osgood writes about industry innovations, including sustainability issues and green building. He tweets and blogs as The Tenant Advocate. His “Cool New Things We Love” series is all about technology and new applications.

Bo Barron

EVP of the Massimo group, Barron is based in Kentucky and speaks and blogs extensively on productivity in CRE and related topics. Check with him for ideas on improving prospecting practices, establishing your brand, and tools to use for increasing performance.

Michael Bull

Bull is the radio host of The Commercial Real Estate Show, which features industry guests discussing a wide range of CRE topics. This is a great way to hear from some of the big players in the industry about investment, development, and CRE trends. Follow on Twitter: @CRE_show

Jay Rickey

For an inside and in depth look at CRE in NYC, follow this well-rounded and connected industry feed.

Bigger Pockets

This site serves as a social network, with more than half a million members, as well as providing informative posts from a talented writing team. Their blog addresses topics related to real estate investing, including industry trends, property management and much more.

Who would you add to this list?

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