What to Do When Your CRE Career Starts to Plateau and Peers Begin to Pass You By

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In my last blog I identified the 2 biggest obstacles to your personal success in commercial real estate. This week we will explore the first, being stuck, and share some ideas for moving forward.

It is not unusual for CRE professional to not only hit a wall, but also a plateau. For example, maybe you have been in the business for 5, 10 or even 20 years and what you have done in years past simply isn’t creating the results you know you can achieve.

Worse, you see others, often with less experience than you, winning assignments that you know you should win. You are frustrated and maybe angry, because you simply don’t know how to break out.

The first step to getting “unstuck” is to acknowledge that it is you that needs to change. It’s not the market, not your partners, prospects or clients, it is you. Simply put, what got you to your current level of success will no longer carry you to your next level of success.

In 2008, I was laid off from my executive position at a national CRE brokerage firm. Let’s face it, the market was down in the dumps. Wall Street was down, employment was down. I found myself downsized, no job, and most of my career I focused on commercial real estate, whether as a broker, owner, a manager, or a corporate executive. What was I to do next?

Ultimately, I was determined to build a commercial real estate coaching company. Imagine that! Our prospects are telling us none of their clients or prospects were going to lease or sell and I was attempting to create a commercial real estate coaching company when our target prospects where very cautious with their money.

I had the same issues, the same struggles that you face.  I was stuck. My career just hadn’t plateaued; it had grounded to a halt. But the answer wasn’t in waiting for the market to shift or for our prospects to decide to invest in themselves with our coaching. The answer was in enhancing my value so I could become more valuable to my prospects. I had to change me.

The market did not get any better, but I got better. My new clients didn’t magically have money, but through specific changes I made to myself, changes to my market presence, my value proposition, and my prospecting they recognized the value I could bring them.

You may be stuck for a variety of reasons. Thus to assist you, we have created a short video, along with free access to several files to help you with some proven techniques of getting “unstuck”.

There are solutions to propel you forward, to move your career to where you know it can go, or at least you wish it would.  To learn more about the major challenges that may be keeping you from reaching your next level of success, and proven strategies for overcoming these obstacles, click on the button below:

Overcome CRE's Major Challenges

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